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The earthbound story began many years ago while artist Karen Ollis toiled away in her Cleveland studio creating numerous fine art photographic illustrations.  Dreaming those works of art would someday be published in books, Karen pursued her journey being inspired by Nature.  She would view her 4x5 inch transparency films on a light box, editting, refining and cataloging her images into conceptual series' of works.  Karen often exhibited her photography having those same transparencies printed as Cibachromes, but the prints just didn't quite seem to have the same impact reflecting the vibrant colors and depth of layering textures apparent on the original photographic films.  Karen thought, if only people could view these transparencies on light boxes.  Yet the logistics of exhibiting in that manner were nightmarish. 


As the years would progress so would technology.  Using computer design programs Karen wrote and laid out her series' in several books. As one might imagine, traditional methods of publishing art books full of color imagery can be expensive to print.  Which means it is like selling ice to eskimos when approaching publishers.  Karen boxed up her books setting them aside.  She embraced digital photography and continued creating images for different conceptual series'.  With the birth of the iPad and other electronic tablets, Karen finally found her magic lightbox.  Now all she had to do was convert her books into epubs becoming an affordable and environmentally friendly presentation of her books. In 2007, Karen founded this digitally based publishing company.

earthbound press  is dedicated to publishing art that honors and appreciates Nature as well as healthy living.  By creating epubs, videos and apps our tree hugging hearts are happy knowing we are not chopping down trees or contributing to landfills.  Occasionally we publish limited edition books, posters and calendars in printed form using recycled papers and non toxic inks. We strive to be environmentally conscious every sustainable step of the way, so that our trip down the trail helps Nature remain as natural as possible.  Our publications are visually driven bridging language barriers allowing the energy and intricacies of the images, and Nature, to reveal themselves to the viewer.   As earthbound press grows, so will our catalog of publications.

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